Renewed Website; Good bye Pencilblue!

Written by Jasper

Actually it’s quite ironic. My last blog post was about my move from Wordpress to Pencilblue as blogging engine. This new topic is about my move to another blogging engine, which is called Wintersmith.

The main reason for this move is that the blog is not getting visited very often. In the mean time, I’m wasting computation time on a Node.js blog that is running 24/7! Wintersmith allows me to compile the blog from my pc, and to publish it to a host that serves static files. I’ve chosen for Google App Engine for this. This is significantly cheaper (factor infinity) than the host that I used before – as this new host is completely free :-D.

The other reason is that Pencilblue did not provide anything that prevented spammers to create a bunch of comments. When I opened the blogging panel of Pencilblue, I only found pending spam comments waiting for approval. I’ve scratched behind my ear and decided that I’d be better off with disabling comments at all. What remained of that “flexible” (non-static) blog, was a blog that was full of static assets. Quite contradicting, is it not?

Lastly: I am too lazy to design a comletely new website, and I liked the default template of Wintersmith.