What this site does

This site is dedicated to the web game die2nite, an online zombie survival game. This app collects information about the maps and processes that.


How do I use this?

Is your town already registered to this site? Great! Go to Maps and find your town, then select the day and time and you can look at the map snapshots.

If your town is not added yet, go to the registration page, and allow the app to access your map data. It will then create regular snapshots.

How often does it update?

I've currently set it up that it makes snapshots every 2 hours, just before the attack and just after the attack. However, this may change later on.

Is this application complete?

The application as it is now is like my original plan was. It can always be extended, for instance by including the town bank and other meaningful statistics. However, I believe that these features will not be used anyway, so I do not see the need of adding anything more.